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At American Aluminum, we stock the tools and dies needed to produce over 500 standard sizes of round aluminum cans, ranging from 0.370" to 24" outside diameter, and your desired overall height. We can also custom manufacturer your deep drawn parts.

Our convenient Mountainside, New Jersey location offers everything you need in one modern facility - from Engineering & design services to testing, cleaning & finishing.

  • Aluminum or other metal as desired
  • Over 500 sizes ready to be made
  • Washed without finish, or finished
  • Chromic or sulphuric anodizing
  • Alkali etched, satin emery, or painted cans

Get faster delivery with lower costs with American Aluminum. We've been fabricating aluminum parts for our customers for over 100 years!

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Round Cans, Square Cans, Aluminum Boxes, and Covers

Over 1200 standard sizes and styles of aluminum boxes, cans, and covers, ready to be manufactured at our vertically-integrated New Jersey facility. Our Round Aluminum Cans catalog includes over 500 standard sizes ready to be manufactured and finished to your specifications.

Going strong for 100 years!

Conforms to MIL-I-45208: With our MIL-Grade quality system, our commercial customers enjoy the same critical quality control standards that have allowed us to deliver Defense Department contracted product for many years. Amalco employs the latest technologies in its QC inspection processes, and maintains its own QC Manual focused on a goal of "Zero Defects on All Products Produced".

Amalco is ITAR Registered

Amalco meets United States government regulations for International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). As a producer of deep drawn and hydroformed specialty materials for Government, Aerospace and Military products, American Aluminum Company continues to satisfy all of the documentation and training requirements to maintain this important Federal Government requirement for defense related materials and services. Reg. M20157 Exp. 10/31/2011

Deep Drawn Aluminum Boxes & Covers

Aluminum boxes and covers manufactured to your specifications, including custom designs, sizes, and configurations. We maintain stock tooling to manufacture hundreds of typical sizes and configurations of rectangular aluminum boxes, enclosures, and covers.

We offer deep drawn processes, hydroforming, spinning, stamping, and CNC machining all in one facility. Heliarc welding, spot welding, riveting, brazing (dip-brazing), heat treating, anodizing and painting performed on-site as one purchase order under one comprehensive quality assurance program, in our clean and efficient facility.

Use our convenient Aluminum Boxes External link and Covers Buyer's Guide to specify and order your aluminum parts by outside width, outside length, maximum overall height, inside corner radius, inside bottom radius, thickness, and cover fitting requirements. Government certifications on specifications are available upon request where applicable.

Deep Drawn Cans & Bins

Deep drawing is used to produce seamless metal enclosures such as cans, boxes, and bottles, as well as irregular shaped products. Deep drawing requires tooling, including a punch, die, and blank holder. A punch is pressed against a material blank and the material is drawn through the die to form the desired shape.

Deep drawing can achieve up to 43% reduction on a metal blank, and multiple successive deep draws can be used to achieve part size or shape requirements. A variety of metals can be deep drawn, including aluminum, stainless steel, aluminized steel, cold rolled steel, brass, bronze, cupro nickel, nickel, and titanium.

ARINC Cans - Square Aluminum Enclosures for Aircraft Electronic Instrumentation

ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated) was chartered by the US Government (Federal Radio Commission, now Federal Communications Commission) to coordinate non-governmental radio communications. ARINC developed standards for interchangeable trays and boxes used to enclose standard line-replaceable units (like radios) in aircraft (known as ARINC electronics enclosures, or ARIN cans). ARINC square avionics instrumentation mounts are designed to be light weight, and to enable the rapid exchange of on board electronics components without complex fasteners, connectors, or the need for special tools or test equipment.

Amalco delivers aluminum deep drawn aircraft instrument cases and electronics enclosures in both standard and special (custom) designs and sizes, meeting dimensional requirements for ARINC Specification Number 408A External link. The deep drawn process ensures exact tolerances, meeting ARINC requirements and your specifications.

Amalco provides complete in-house facilities for fabrication of ARINC cans to your specifications, made from 0.050" thick 3003-0 Aluminum (6061 optional). Piercing, attachments, and other secondary operations are performed in-house, saving you paperwork and procurement processing time (single authorization) while ensuring strict quality control from raw material through finished product. Brazed assemblies, dip-brazing and finishing (including alodine or anodize and paint) are also performed in-house at Amalco's Mountainside, New Jersey facility. Contact Amalco for your ARINC cans and mounts.

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